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အတူတူလာေရာက္လုပ္ကိုင္ဖို႔ ဖိတ္ေခၚပါတယ္။

တုိးတက္မႈျမန္ဆန္ၿပီး အားအင္အျပည့္ႏွင့္ေရွ႕သုိ႔ခ်ီတက္ေနေသာကုမၸဏီတစ္ခုမွာ
အလုပ္လုပ္ ခ်င္ပါသလား? Red dot မွ ေနရာစံုအခန္းက႑မ်ားအတြက္ ၀န္ထမ္း
မ်ားရွာေဖြလွ်က္ရွိပါတယ္။ Red dot မွသင့္ဘဝရည္မွန္း ခ်က္ေရာက္ေအာင္ ကူညီ
ေပးခ်င္ပါသည္။ ရည္မွန္းခ်က္ရွိေသာလူတိုင္းကို Red dot မွၾကိဳဆိုပါတယ္။ သင့္ဆီ
မွအၾကံဥာဏ္မ်ားကို ဂရုတစိုက္နားေထာင္ၿပီးတိုးတက္ေအာင္အားေပးလွ်က္ရွိေသာ
ေနရာတစ္ခုကို Red dot မွာေတြ႔ရွိနုိင္ပါတယ္။ သင္ေစာင့္စားေနေသာအခြင့္အလမ္း
မ်ား Red dot မွာရနုိင္ပါတယ္။

ေလွ်ာက္ထားနုိင္ေသာ အလုပ္အကိုင္အခြင့္အလမ္းမ်ား

Information Technology

In general:

·         Develops information systems by designing, developing, and installing software solutions.



  • Determines operational feasibility by evaluating analysis, problem definition, requirements, solution development, and proposed solutions
  • Documents and demonstrates solutions by developing documentation, flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments and clear code
  • Prepares and installs solutions by determining and designing system specifications, standards, and programming
  • Improves operations by conducting systems analysis; recommending changes in policies and procedures.
  • Updates job knowledge by studying state-of-the-art development tools, programming techniques, and computing equipment; participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations
  • Protects operations by keeping information confidential
  • Provides information by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing development and service issues
  • Accomplishes engineering and organization mission by completing related results as needed
  • Develops software solutions by studying information needs; conferring with users; studying systems flow, data usage, and work processes; investigating problem areas; following the software development lifecycle

IT & Technology


Myanmar Red Dot Network has deployed a large network of payment devices across Myanmar, which allow retailers to perform a wide range of payment type transactions such as Mobile Top-Up, Bill Payment and Money Transfer.  Transactions are processed by a central switch, within which customised software services process, route and fulfil high volumes of transactions on a 24/7 basis.  There is a strong focus on the rapid delivery of bespoke software systems for the platform, including server wide Web Services, payment terminal software and Android/iOS mobile apps.  As well as it’s transaction processing services, the company also has a large, local workforce who work both remotely and in offices across the country, which has a high demand for access to agile technical office solutions such as CRM, Reporting, Finance Systems and Monitoring.



  • Design and Manage the Technological Strategy for Red Dot’s platforms and network of transaction devices
  • Guide the Company in discussions relating to the use of technology for new and existing services
  • Lead the technical team in the technical administration and software development of software, services, systems and devices
  • Interact, with a hands-on approach, with development, platform and systems administrations teams, providing technical leadership
  • Ensure the organisation’s office systems are secure, up-to-date and scaled to meet the demand of a busy and large number of staff across the country
  • Implement and Maintain Technical Project Delivery Methods and Standards, as well as standards and certifications for security, quality and reliability
  • Oversee Change Control and Costs Management procedures
  • Management of In-House Staff, Out-Sourced Teams and Managed Service Partners
  • Responsibility of the continued high service up-time and swift resolution of issues affecting the company’s key metrics


Marketing & Communications

In general:

Oversee and align all marketing activities of the company effectively fulfill the organization’s marketing strategy. Responsible for marketing & communications of business, by developing and executing successful strategies according to the market analysis and managing overall budget. Manage the Marketing Team on a day-to-day basis.



  • Responsible for planning, development and implementation of all marketing plans and strategies, performance review and tracking
  • Carrying out competitor analysis and marketing research to ensure that Red Dot’s marketing strategies are competing effectively
  • Manage and develop communication plans
  • Maintain company social media presence at best with the most effective digital marketing strategies
  • Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in online marketing and measurement
  • Ensure that high quality services are delivered effectively, efficiently & consistently and with right message to maintain a good brand image
  • Making sure that Red Dot’s brand guidelines are adhered to in all marketing activities across the company.
  • Planning, Budget management and production of merchandising materials and branding materials
  • Build strategic relationships and partner with key industry players, agencies and vendors with strong understanding of effective PR and marketing communications
  • All aspects of daily management of the Marketing department  
  • Recruitment and selection of the marketing team members


Support the sales team effectively in a professional manner. This will be done by achieving the assigned tasks in the most effective way and meeting the deadlines without compromising consistency in the process, moreover, providing reports to Area Managers/Sales Manager/Sales Director as per request. Collaborate when necessary with other departments to smooth the processes in accordance with up-to-date changes. He/She has to be able to multi-task when necessary without deviating from attention to detail. He/She has to be knowledgeable in Red Dot products and able to explain about Red Dot products to new sales leads effectively. Must have great interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills and be strong analytical.


·         Ability to work under pressure:

·         Administrative, record-keeping, and clerical skills;

·         Must have excellent problem solving skills, interpersonal skills, and managerial skills and must enjoy working in an office environment.

·         Able to work extended hours according to operational and daily/weekly/monthly goal-oriented requirement

·         Able to work in a team / individually in the most effective manner 


Red dot မွေခၚယူေနေသာ အလုပ္
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Customer Support


ယဥ္ေက်းပ်ဴငွာေသာ Red dot Customer Care အဖြဲ႔မွ သင့္ျပႆနာမ်ားကို ေျဖရွင္းဖို႔အသင့္ရွိေနပါတယ္။