Red dot မွအလုပ္အကုိင္အခြင့္အလမ္းမ်ား

အတူတူလာေရာက္လုပ္ကိုင္ဖို႔ ဖိတ္ေခၚပါတယ္။

တုိးတက္မႈ ျမန္ဆန္ၿပီး အားအင္အျပည့္ႏွင့္ ေရွ႕သုိ႔ ခ်ီ တက္ေနေသာ ကုမၸဏီတစ္ခုမွာ အလုပ္ လုပ္ခ်င္ပါ သလား? Red dot မွ ေနရာစံု အခန္းက႑မ်ားအတြက္ ဝန္ထမ္းမ်ား ရွာေဖြလ်က္ ရွိပါတယ္။ Red dot မွ သင့္ဘဝရည္မွန္းခ်က္ ေရာက္ေအာင္ ကူညီေပးခ်င္ပါ သည္။ ရည္မွန္းခ်က္ရွိေသာ လူတိုင္းကို Red dot မွ ႀကိဳဆိုပါတယ္။ သင့္ဆီမွ အၾကံဥာဏ္မ်ားကို ဂရုတစိုက္ နားေထာင္ၿပီး တိုးတက္ေအာင္ အားေပးလ်က္ရွိေသာ ေနရာတစ္ခုကို Red dot မွာ ေတြ႕ရွိနုိင္ပါတယ္။ သင္ေစာင့္စားေနေသာ အခြင့္အလမ္းမ်ား Red dot မွာ ရနုိင္ပါတယ္။

ေလွ်ာက္ထားနုိင္ေသာ အလုပ္အကိုင္အခြင့္အလမ္းမ်ား

Information Technology
Red Dot Network is the leading Electronic Mobile Top-Up service in Myanmar, also providing bill payment, mobile financial service, customer loyalty and customer management services, which have been specifically tailored to the local market.

Red Dot Technology Team are looking for a person to fulfill the role of IT Architect / Enterprise Architect. This is a Senior Technology Architect and Management role in the team, below are the requirement and qualification.


  • Documents and Publishes appropriate IT Architecture Principles and Standards, position papers, blueprints, best practices, patterns, and frameworks. Also, defines and maintains a library of Functional Component/Enterprise Models within Red Dot commercial product line.
  • Documents Functional Product Solutions for key Red Dot product strategy and product management initiatives leveraging defined functional component model libraries and the defined product line architecture roadmap.
  • Designs and Deliver the Overall Technological Architecture (end to end) of the Product and communicates system architecture to technical and business audiences. Also, reviews functional and technical designs to identify areas of risk and/or missing requirements.
  • Reports, Support, and Assists the Chief Technology Officer to design and manage the technological strategy for Red Dot’s commercial platforms and technology operation.
  • Defines and maintains a library of Development Operational process (DevOps), System Operational process (SysOps) and Security Operational process (SecOps) to facilitate Red Dot Technology Operation.
  • Works collaboratively with other technical staffs such as Project Management Team and IT Operation team in technology operation pillar to diagnosing and resolving issues when required.
  • Lead the Outsourced, Managed Service Partners, and In-House Technical Engineering Team. Make decision, give direction and provides the team a roadmap for implementing software engineering practices for higher code quality. Also, mentors and coaches the technical team in the organization.
  • Highly understanding and hands-on experience in the implementation of systems using Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, and Red Hat), Databases (especially MySQL and Oracle), Software Development (Java – Spring framework and ecosystem, PHP – Symfony Framework, and C/C++)
  • Must have experience in SOAP Web Services, RESTful Web Services, API Security, understanding in Spring Boot and Microservice architecture, as well as CRM System, Enterprise Reporting system such as Jasper and ETL processing. Real-Time data processing for analytics purpose is a plus.
  • Experience in Payment Terminal/EDC development especially Ingenico and Castles Devices (ISO8583 knowledge is a plus), also experience in Android Mobile application development in a modern approach.
  • Knowledge in Card Payment Technology and Major Card Brand Network. Understanding in the concept of Prepaid, EFT, Card Acquiring, Payment Processor and Payment Gateway.
  • Experience in the latest emerging technologies and methodologies such as Agile, DevOps, Cloud, and Virtualization.
  • Knowledge of enterprise architecture framework such as TOGAF, payment standard such as PCI DSS and IT Service Management framework such as ITIL are optional.

Job Description


System Administrator is responsible to provide support, design and maintain for WAN and LAN connectivity, routers, firewalls, switches, internal network infrastructure and user supporting.


·         Planning and performing backups, monitoring, restores and disk imaging;


·         Prepare documentation;


·         Perform general network infrastructure tasks;


·         Managing backup, monitoring and VOIP Server;


·         Configure new services as needed;


·         Perform analysis and troubleshooting of network issues, wireless, LAN & WAN;


·         Basic Knowledge and Administration VMware Virtualization (ESXi);


·         Provide user supporting to internal user clients;

Marketing & Communications

In general:

This is a great opportunity for a flexible and dedicated professional to work in Myanmar’s largest Cash Acceptance Network and support the Marketing team maintaining our strong brand position in Myanmar.  The person will be responsible for marketing & communications of the Business, overseen the Marketing team, coordinating market analysis, as well as developing and executing successful marketing and communication strategies according the Company’s budget, with the objective of maintaining our Red dot brand presence and product awareness strong on both digital and offline channels. 



·         Responsible for planning, development and implementation of all marketing plans and strategies, performance review and tracking

·         Carrying out competitor analysis and marketing research to ensure that Red Dot’s marketing strategies are competing effectively

·         Manage and develop communication plans

·         Maintain company social media presence at best with the most effective digital marketing strategies

·         Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in online marketing and measurement

·         Ensure that high quality services are delivered effectively, efficiently & consistently and with right message to maintain a good brand image

·         Making sure that Red Dot’s brand guidelines are adhered to in all marketing activities across the company.

·         Planning, Budget management and production of merchandising materials and branding materials

·         Build strategic relationships and partner with key industry players, agencies and vendors with strong understanding of effective PR and marketing communications

·         All aspects of daily management of the Marketing department 

·         Recruitment and selection of the marketing team members


Red dot မွ ေခၚယူေနေသာ အလုပ္အကိုင္မ်ား ထဲမွ တစ္ခုခုကို ေလွ်ာက္ထားလုိပါက သင့္ CV ႏွင့္ Cover Letter ကို PDF ဖိုင္ (သို႔မဟုတ္) Microsoft Word ဖိုင္ျဖင့္ ေပးပို႔ပါ။ သင္ ေလွ်ာက္ ထားခ်င္သည့္ ရာထူး အမည္ကို ေသေသခ်ာခ်ာ ေဖာ္ျပၿပီး recruitment@reddotnetwork.com သို႔ ေပးပို႔ နုိင္ပါတယ္။

စတိုးဆိုင္ပို္င္ရွင္တစ္ဦး ျဖစ္ပါသလား?

Red dot ဆိုင္ပိုင္ရွင္တစ္ေယာက္ျဖစ္ရန္

သင့္ရဲ႕လုပ္ငန္း တုိးတက္ရန္ လိုအပ္ေသာအရာမ်ားကို Red dot မွ ကူညီေထာက္ပံ့သြားမွာ ျဖစ္ပါတယ္။ ဒီေန႔ပဲ Red dot ကုိ ဆက္သြယ္ၿပီး ဖုန္းေဘလ္မွအစ တျခားေသာ ေငြေပးေခ်မႈ စနစ္ေတြကုိ သင့္ဆုိင္မွာ စတင္ ဝန္ေဆာင္မႈေပးလုိက္ပါ။

Customer Support


ယဥ္ေက်းပ်ဴငွာေသာ Red dot Customer Care အဖြဲ႕မွ သင့္ ျပႆနာမ်ားကို ေျဖရွင္းဖို႔ အသင့္ ရွိေနပါတယ္။